Thursday, March 24, 2011

An end comes soon, you'd best be prepared for it.
They aren't so bad when you know they're coming.
After all, their inevitability helps you appreciate what you have!
Where would we be without endings?

I sit here in a not-so-comfy chair,
and I sit against the window.
Outside I can see the trees bend to the wind,
while the light shines off my walker.

And as I sit, as I type, and as I listen to the wind whip through the neighborhood, I take another moment to reflect on my last few months.  My last few days, in both senses;  I do what I can to come to terms with my issues.  While certainly I have a positive outlook on life, while I certainly appreciate what I have, I have also been elitist, snobbish, and utterly pretentious.  I see it now, in my last days, that I have felt superior to others, despite my own frailties.

An end comes soon, I warned you.
Be prepared for the end.
Relish the opportunity to begin again,
as I do.

I spoke to a quantum computer once, about 'Blue'.  It was a wonderful chat, with a being of such superior sense, such awareness.  I cannot even remember all the things we spoke of, and yet I feel as if I internalized everything that was said.  Life, Death, 'Blue'.  I was told that among all mortals, I had come close to something, an epiphany perhaps, that gave me a real chance at understanding existence.


An end comes now,
I hope you enjoyed your journey today.
I hope you enjoy your journey everyday.
I hope your path fills with flowers, and soft earth.

And now the end comes...

Until then, Call Me Nil.