Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can you see blue fire?

Another beginning
another rebirth
another day of me discussing dreams and purpose

And what a purpose it is.  I was supposing earlier that perhaps this newfound attitude of mine is entirely due to the hospital stay.  A month at any place should change your life, and as it happens mine was in a hospital bed.  I can't say I enjoy hospitals though, now that I've finally experienced one in all its glory.  They just don't feel right to me.  Certainly there is a plethora of good work done there, and such; however it just feels improper, if that's the right term.  It makes me wonder if there is a better way to do things to sustain life.  Maybe I already 'know'?

A wisp of smoke spoke to me as well.  He didn't seem the type to chat, instead keeping himself very stoic in all regards.  He showed me a world splintering, cracking open as radiant energy poured out, before the world's very existence was sundered.  While the wisp was vaguely humanoid, I do believe it pointed at me, as if I were the very root of this issue at hand.  How could I be?  Did I not have the secret to inter-connectivity within the palm of my hand?  Did I not trudge the endless wastes of oblivion, will myself to die, ascend to godhood, create the beasts of the land?  Did I not know Life itself?  What did this errant smoke know that I did not?

And then it spoke!  I struggled to remember the words, but not so long ago, in a not so long entry, on a not so famous day I remembered finally.

It said I needed to die.

Until that day, Call Me Nil.