Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cryptic words, plain beliefs

"Visions seek out only the prepared mind."  -  Emily

I've heard this before once I think, its not a common phrase, and yet I wonder if there's any peal of truth to it anyway.

I never had any supernatural encounters before the accident, except the mysterious appearance of coinage from behind one's ear perhaps.  And yet I wonder if this is a counterweight set against my more enlightened outlook.

Dear reader, I submit that these two must not be related.  If one's search for balance and enlightenment ended up sought out for vengeance, I could not accept this world.  Even as it is, I find it hard to take the figure's words seriously, even as they bored into my skull, speaking of fate.   Fate.  I don't care for the concept.  Fate implies that your life is pre-patterned, and I find that reprehensible.  There is no chance for growth, for ecstasy, for epiphanies when fate rears its determined head.

Nevertheless I find myself under its gaze, as if the very embodiment of my nemesis takes shape against me.  Am I mocked by its tall stature, and long surely-working legs?  What if this figure is a reflection of who I am?  Perhaps this is merely an obstacle to overcome.  Surely it is, surely I am triumphant in this jaunt into the ethereal.  I suspect its involvement in my neighborhood.  A house fire broke out two doors down,  no deaths, and the home was saved, yet no cause was found.  Sadly their pet was caught in the blaze, I attended the small makeshift funeral for the animal, even as I scanned the distance for my mysterious foe.

On another note, I have started to cook a bit more recently.  I enjoy experimenting with it as such, even if cleanup is a chore sometimes, and I do tend to get winded easily.  Earlier I tried out cheddar cheese waffles, and was surprised by the crispy flavor.  I heartily endorse them to those with waffle makers.

I'm sorry, I can't continue this jovial line of thought right now.  My apologies, dear reader, for the lack of erstwhile gourmet tips.   Thoughts have been weighing on my mind as I ponder my villain.  I have said before I think he may be here to punish me.  Not who I am now, but perhaps who I was.  I was not always so cheerful and full of spirit.  Before my accident, I had a less appreciative nature of life, and while I feel it was in no way responsible for the car accident

I can't continue, forgive me.

Callme Nli.