Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sometimes the sky opens up

Hello again, friends.
It's been a few days.

Right now it's raining outside, which would be more harmonious for me if it weren't for the fact I had some errands to run outdoors.  It's always so interesting to see how the world changes when such a natural occurrence happens.  People hustle, walking fast, they wear a myriad of bright colors,  yellow, blue, red.  They wear eclectic gear, whether they be slickers, umbrellas or hoodies.  I love the sound cars make as they drive by in the rain, sort of a hushed whisper.  Everyone hurries to get indoors, out of the rain.

I found myself grumbling at the fact that when I went to the grocery store, that it was as if everyone had forgotten common courtesy.  Five vehicles idled at the entrance, making it impassable, and then to my dismay, all the handicapped spots were taken, not one with a proper plate or sign upon it.

To be fair, I don't always take such spots myself, though I am allowed.  I do however, treasure them on days like this where I might risk slipping.  I eventually caught myself, mentally chiding myself with a laugh.  I strove to see the world as I have of late, and did so after I sought shelter in the store.

I had extra things to buy here today, for I have houseguests!  My neighbors from before,  you remember me talking about them, yes?   It took some time for the house to be evaluated, as to whether or not it was livable, and sad to say, it requires repairs before it is considered safe and up to code.   It took some time, but I managed to persuade them to accept my fine home, at least temporarily.  So this means there's a small flurry of activity here now, not just the gentle clicking footsteps of myself.

My home is two stories, it was left to me by my parents years ago.  Three bedrooms, all upstairs, one bathroom.  Ha ha, yes that will provide to be an issue eventually, but it is a welcome one.  Here I get the chance to pay kindness to the family.  Mark McLaughlin, his life partner Mitchell, and their daughter Lindsey.    They are constantly tripping over themselves to stay out of my way, or to ensure they're not making too much of an impact on my life.  I just laugh softly and assure them that they are fine.

If Lindsey watches Yo Gabba Gabba after lunch, then that's what we do now.   She's an inquisitive sort.  Fair complexion, eyes that hide behind her cheeks when she smiles, and a bit shy at times.  All in all, a sweet child to be sure.  She asked me about my feet, which was a bit hard to comprehend, so I told her I was a robot, and we laughed.  Then she asked about what I did for a living, since I live on disability, I told her robots don't need jobs.

Then she asked me about my friend out in the garden.