Sunday, May 1, 2011

Viewer Mail

A light gleaming above all
Illumination guaranteed
from a beautiful shade of blue.

Ask and ye shall receive, for I have gotten a few emails from you wonderful friends.  I sincerely appreciate this bold, outward action of your part, I find it has already helped cement the bonds between you and I further.  I feel that I should have done this a month prior, and yet I maintain that the proper time for this is now.  My spirits have lifted somewhat, and I have asked permission to share part of this email with the rest of you fair people.

A reader named Emily sent me a message, asking some questions of me, and while I shan't publish the message in whole, I deigned to share a few of them with you.

"Nil, what is going on with these colors in your blog?  The grey on white is very hard to read, btw."

Ahh, thank you for that advice.  I shall change the grey to a darker tone posthaste in the future.  Its an odd concept I suppose, to highlight certain words in color, but I feel they are words of significance.  Everything I have done of late, I feel as if have been influenced by two sides,  creation and destruction.  Joyous harmony and discord.  After my dream like epiphany resulting in the concept of 'Blue', I have felt the need to key people into it.  So when I speak of such things, I denote it in blue most of the time, so it is associated with the color and the belief properly.   Grey as it were, from the smoke in my dreams, to the Ashen One itself is denoted as the destructive force.   As you may see, I don't need to do such things.  I just feel that there's a visible link between beliefs, and wish to hone that bond further, if this makes sense.  Thank you.

"What are all the strange italicized stories?"

Ahh this I blame on my own efficacious, enigmatic self for not explaining away.  Dreams, mostly.  Dreams, delusions and hallucinations, most of which occurred after the accident.

"What put you into the hospital?"

I would prefer not to elaborate on this point for now.  Forgive me, some wounds run deeper than others.  I promise to disclose eventually.

She goes on to say how she supports my stand against the creature outside, among other things.  I thank her and you for your support.  You and she are truly gifts to me, dear readers.  As before, if anyone wishes to voice concerns or such,

Until your cryptic host answers everything
and hope springs eternal.
Call Me Nil.