Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apologies my friends, if I seem a bit off today.

Well, it certainly has been a while, hasn't it?!  Oh the stories you could tell me about yourselves, about your lives, about your dreams.  Yes, dreams.  Mine haven't been so wonderful of late, I am sad to report.  There's been a bit of morbidity around my quaint home of late.  In fact, I think it's about time I tell you all exactly my issues of late, but not just yet, if you don't mind.  Admittedly, it is, in part, due to the simple fact that I don't want to remind myself of things, not here.  Not yet, please.

My blog, my home for the wayward here is a small sanctuary that I can retreat to, no matter what manner of beasts stalk outside.  Here I feel whole, secure, and able to walk a hundred miles.  Hmm, Walking hasn't been a strong suit of mine for a while now.


I was hunted by the relentless again, as I ran through the forests.  My form nearly that of a great beast, a bison perhaps.  My pack was driven on as well, guided by instinct to stay close.  They had no idea what followed me, it was for the best.  They were just simple creatures, which was fine.   I had created them to be so simple, but fleet.  Fleet they were, we ran and ran, galloping into the plains, past the vipers whom I consorted with many years ago when this world was but a fleeting thought.  We raced down to the shoreline, dust was following in our wake, yet not all of it was simple dust.  The smokey one was screened within our dust cloud, hidden, lurking, but ever present.  

I acknowledged the sea and the myriad of folk within its depth for only a moment before I fled further.  Yet I found there was no placating the grey one.  No, I heard his words soon enough, even as fear gave me the strength to run for ages.  "your time draws near, immortal one."  I shook him off as best I could, leaving my people behind.  They would be safe, I however, was not.

May your days be safe and sound, good friends.
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