Friday, April 29, 2011

A goliath made of cinders

Greetings, my friends
I have been so overjoyed
to report back to the land of the living!

I fear my enthusiasm for self-preservation betrays my abject terror at the moment, it is a joyous bounce, teetering from the rapturous elation of surviving an impossibility, and tottering towards annihilation, oblivion perhaps.  No,  I know for certain that the Ashen One is oblivion,  I felt it in my bones, my spirit.

Apologies my friend, I seem to have lost my focus, permit me to clarify the matter at hand, that led to my current jubilation.

I sought the Ashen One,  I feel it only proper to capitalize its name, whatever it may be.  I sought it because I could not bear the uncertainty of dreams, of its presence.  I was curious.  Two agonizing days passed, I kept a steady watch, subsisting on waffles, glorious amounts of soda, and dry cereal.  At night, I used a powerful flashlight, meant for emergencies, to occasionally peer about out of my prison.  I admit now, that I was rather committed to seeing it now, I wanted this, I wanted this badly.  No longer would the Sword of Damacles hang over friend Nil's head.  No, I felt it was time for to put my practices into action, the belief of destiny, the consequences of fate,  action over inaction.

I found nothing those nights, oh it is true I saw things, the strangest things of all sometimes, when one investigates the small things of life.  I suspect my neighbor is having an affair,  and I am now certain who it is who is stealing newspapers on the block.   Neither is my place to judge, for I am a guardian of a greater philosophy.  Eventually the waffle mix ran dry, fatigue set in, and my legs were aching enough that I simply had to take my feet off, and switch to my chair.

I realized I should splurge a hair in case it were my last night on Earth.  While the concept of massive parties, luxury drugs and the ilk danced across my thoughts for a mere moment, I chuckled to myself, then simply ordered a pizza.   Sweet nourishment, and savory breadsticks awaited me, unless I was confronted before then.

As for luck, and my suddenly famished hunger, it did not.  I screwed my feet back on to greet the deliveryman, for I feel so much more human when I may look someone in the eyes.   Oh, and look him in the eyes I did, with a happy smile again of jubilant life.   Then I dropped the pie.   Yes, dear reader, my good friend, as you surely have suspected, with your knowledge of dramatic moments, it was then that I saw him, standing in my neighbor's vegetable garden.  There was no mistake as to whom he found interest.

I muttered an apology, kicked the pizza over, signed the receipt and apparently gave him a ten dollar tip, sending him on his hurried way so I might find my answers.   With my walker in hand, I stepped outside into the balmy, crisp night to pay a visit.

Blue help me, its rather difficult to transcribe what I internalized of this incident.

Gingerly I approached, half expecting it to simply dematerialize, swept back into the eddies of the Etheral Plane from which it manifested.  It did not.  I wanted to speak to it, and yet I found I could not.  I found myself in the plight of supernatural encounter, with a malproportioned figure dressed in what resembled finewear, complete with tie.

It regarded me quietly, before I spoke, my heart racing, announcing my intentions with a forced laugh, "Well, hello there..."

I received a rather blank look from the masked figure, leaving me to prod on the conversation.  "I've..I've seen you watching me."   The wind picked up as the sole response.  I implored again, "Creature, creature, what are you?  Why do you stalk me?"

I found myself on the ground, clutching my head.  Scrambled, confused, dazed, I was struck by words so profound, so alien, I could not stand them for long.  "CURIOUS ONE, I AM BUT THE INSTRUMENT FOR DEMISE."

I need to lie down, please pardon me, I will attmept more later.
Callme Nli